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Power Plant Development
Next Energy Corporation provides you with consultation services for finance and commercialization evaluation based on top-level of task-performing ability and experience in the same field, including business validity evaluation, PF and bridge loan consulting, which help with customers’ successful performance in your facing business.
Technology Commercialization
‘Technology commercialization’ means to develop, produce and sell products or to improve related technology in the process. The Next Energy Corporation provides expert competency services of business modeling, excellent technology development and marketing strategy establishment in terms of whole field of tech-commercialization from market-friendly point of view.
Policy and Simulation Model Development
Next Energy Corporation offers comprehensive consultation services through whole phases for the establishment of energy policy from analyzing energy market current issues, diagnosing, and identifying problems and suggesting improvement.
3D CHAIN Platform
3D Printing Service is a service platform for R&D developers. Experts can provide optimized designs by using a wide range of materials, various specifications, and specific manufacturing techniques.

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